August 2, 2021
Weight Loss Myths

Dieting and Weight Loss Myths [Best things to know]

Here is the topic of Dieting and Weight Loss Myths that most of the people are confused.Present generations are in a rush to look for the best and, as such, adopt all possible tips to acquire their dream figure within a stipulated time. And to achieve that, most of them adopt some traditional dieting and weight loss programs, which are nothing but myths and do more harm other than showing any desired result.

Whenever the world weight loss comes into mind, it straightway means eating significantly less and exercising more. Hence, it results in serious health problems, which sometimes leave a long-term effect on a person’s body. Following are some of the most common myths about dieting and weight loss program which are introducing the practitioners to severe health and physiological problem:

Here the all points about Dieting and Weight Loss Myths

Eating Less:

 The first thing that comes to every individual mind who wants to lose weight is to eat as much less as possible. But, it results in a low intake of essential nutrition required by the body. People generally found skipping their meal or not eating the required amount of food to lose weight quickly. In this unhygienic and unhealthy process, the body’s vital organs don’t get sufficient nutrients to function normally. As a result, it causes serious health problems like failure of some vital organs of the body in the long run.

Hard Exercise

The next mistake committed by people is that they take up rigorous exercise irrespective of their body weight and type. Each individual is different. There are different types of workout routines for any person based on their body weight, kind, and digestive power. Exercise is an excellent way to lose weight, but only if done according to the individual’s body capacity and stamina. It is found that most of the fitness freaks hit the gym and take up hardcore exercise to lose weight within a few days. They are resulting in significant fracture or permanent damage to some vital parts of the body.

Eating Low Carbohydrates and High Protein is a Good Way to Shed Extra Fat:

 It is found from various researches and tests. That if an individual eats plenty of protein and very low carbohydrate, it may cause health problems. High protein means intake of more meat, eggs, fish, etc, which will cause high cholesterol accumulation resulting in heart diseases. A low intake of fruits and green vegetables means less fiber consumption that turns out in chronic constipation in the long run. Eating less than 130 grams of essential carbohydrate requirement will increase the number of ketones in the blood, resulting in joint pain, kidney stone for pregnant women and diabetic people.

Food that Burn Fat: No food is yet tested positive to burn fat in any way. It may increase the body’s metabolism but does not show any decrease in fat in the short or long term.

Herbal Ephedra Good for Weight Loss: Everybody is aware of the harmful side effects of chemical supplements. Hence, millions of people are getting attracted to false propaganda of herbal products that promise to reduce weight without side effects. The harmful ingredient called ephedra found in some fake herbal weight loss products causes serious health problems and sometimes even results in death. Even products claiming to be free from ephedra are tested to be containing substances similar to ephedra.

Meal Timing: It is a myth that extra pounds are gained if dinner is taken after 8 pm. Well, the fact is that it hardly matters. The thing that matters is what a person is taking and in what quantity rather than the time.

More Exercise Permits Eating Anything: Most people who are going to the gym daily are found to follow a false myth. They believe that they can eat anything just because they are regular in the gym. But an expert says if an individual is eating 250 calories in a day, he/she must lose double in the gym. Hence, eating unhealthy food in massive amounts means not yielding the desired calories daily.

Snacks Cause Weight Gain:

 It is found in a survey that most people avoid snacks as they feel snacks invites weight. Well, the conception is entirely wrong. Snacks are, in fact, good if taken in the right manner. High-calorie stuff like chocolates and other fat gaining items must be avoided and replaced with fruits, green salads, and good snacks for weight loss. They ensure that the body is getting a constant energy supply.

Starving is Good for Weight loss:

 It is the most well-researched myth found by people interested in losing weight. Starving causes severe weakness and people become unable to perform daily activities properly. Instead, the body needs energy every moment to perform various actions. And the body gets power only from the food the individual takes. Most of the time, they are starving, causes more craving desire to take more fat-rich foods, which add more fat in the body.

Sleep Cause Weight Gain:

One of the most common myths found in any weight loss enthusiast is sleeping. They generally have a misconception that sleeping directly puts on extra calories. But the fact is that our body needs the proper amount of sleep to get back the lost energy to perform well the next day. If the required sleeping time is reduced, it will lower the energy level and misbalance the metabolism severely.

Every individual trying to lose their extra body weight if avoiding the above dieting and weight loss myths can achieve their desired body fitness safely and efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the myths are the culprits that are misguiding millions of people and leading them to severe health problems that are sometimes even found to be life-threatening. People should always take their dietician and fitness trainer’s advice before deciding what to eat and do. And what not to eat and do for the safety of their health and body. For some wise tips on dieting, feel free to search for resources here.

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