August 2, 2021
How To Lose Weight By Running

How To Lose Weight By Running-Highly Effective

You might have been struggling with losing weight through different weight loss options like weight loss programs, restricted diets, and cardio training. Despite all your efforts, have you been successful in busting through a weight loss plateau? If your goal is to lose weight fast, you must focus on what you put on your plate and what exercise you choose. In this article, we talk about How to lose weight by running. are you excited?

Do you know most people who lose weight fast are mostly “runners” or “exercisers?” According to the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) research, 90% of their members lost about 30 pounds by exercising regularly. It means that one member burns 2600 calories per week.Many men and women’s weight loss programs primarily include running as an effective way of losing weight. Running has been proven to be more incredible than swimming or cycling. Let’s start the article.

Running As A Smart Way Of Losing Weight:

Running to lose weight is not only linked with health benefits, but also it costs you less than joining a gym. All you need is just a pair of decent shoes for running and a balanced diet.

1.Running makes your different muscles work hard together, burning more calories per minute. Compared to other exercises, running helps your muscles reach their maximum power.

2.According to a study of 12 men and 12 women, it was reported that 35 calories were burnt by running 1 mile on track as compared to 30 calories burnt by running on a treadmill.

3.A smart running program can result in a substantial calorie deficit. Many experts suggest that running burns 3500-4000 calories and helps you burn 1-2 pounds per week.

The way How To Lose Weight By Running:

Here are some of the most popular types of running, each having its unique purpose and benefits 4:

1. Long Runs: If you want to improve overall endurance and fitness, long runs are a perfect option for you. Long runs include running over a distance of 15 to 20 km (10-12 miles) at the same pace.

2. Progression Runs: This type of running includes starting runs at a slower pace and finishing at a faster pace. For example, you’ll start progressions by running for 5 miles at a slow pace and running 1 mile at a fast pace. This type is best for reducing fatigue, building endurance, and speed.

3. Base Runs: These are also called normal runs, for example, running 5 km at a natural pace.

4. Hill Repeats: You can improve your stamina, speed, and running power by hill repeats. Hill repeats include running uphill with intense and short runs with short breaks.

5. Interval Runs: This type increases your speed and running power by running with short breaks. For example, 1 mile run with light jogging between each interval.

Benefits of Running:
Some potential benefits of running include:
1. It Reduces Appetite: High-intensity running reduces your appetite by suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin and producing peptide hormones like PYY. One study reported that 1-hour running with other exercises reduced ghrelin hormones. Running alone increased PYY production 5.

2. It Reduces Harmful Belly Fat:  Many chronic diseases are caused by excessive belly fat. According to a study of 27 women, considerable reduction in belly fat was associated with high-intensity running 6.

3. It Burns More Calories:  As compared to martial arts and swimming, running on track burns more calories. An average person who has 155 pounds weight can run for 30 minutes to lose 372 calories – a lot more than other exercises.

4. It Prevents Knee Pain: Many research studies have linked reduced knee pain with running. According to a study of participants, running for more time was actually linked with less knee pain 7.

A Guide To Lose Weight By Running:

In order to lose weight fast, you cannot achieve your weight loss goal just by running. Having a proper nutrition plan should also be combined with running. Here are some running tips to speed up your weight loss journey:

1. Clean Up Your Diet: There is a simple rule for shedding pounds fast: Move more and eat less. Eating a calorie deficit diet burns more calories. You can eat less and run more to maintain a calorie deficit.
When you run, you feel more hungry, and that’s why you fail in losing weight. Therefore, it is recommended that you should replace your unhealthy diet with a high-nutrient diet, for example, eating more fruits and veggies than a low-carb diet 8.

2. Focus On Long Runs: Short runs (less than an hour) only need to be fueled up with water. Running for a longer time in hot or humid weather requires some carbs or added electrolytes so that you can build your running strength. You can fuel up your long runs with a glass of juice or any energy chew with water 9.

3. Opt For Healthy Fat: A lot of high-intensity runners destroy their weight loss plans by eating too many healthy fats like whole avocados or nuts. The maximum recommendation is eating a thumb full of healthy fats to not exceed your 2000 calories diet. One or two slices of avocado, salad or sandwich, and some nuts can be helpful for losing weight fast.

4. Combine Running With Other Exercises: Achieving your goal of building strength and endurance can be quite tricky. Long runs can make you prone to injuries. That’s why it is recommended to combine running with other exercises like cycling or pool running. This will reduce your risk of injuries and increase endurance 10.

5. Switch Workouts: For losing weight, you need to fire up your metabolism by trying different workouts. But doing the same workout daily won’t build endurance and muscle mass. You can burn more calories and build muscle mass by trying a mix of long runs with base runs or faster tempo runs with easy runs.


One of the best exercises for men and women to lose weight fast is high and low-intensity running. Compared to other exercises like swimming or cycling, running burns more calories makes you full for a longer time, reduces knee pain, and protects you from many chronic diseases associated with obesity. Make sure you eat a balanced diet along with running to achieve your goals. that’s all from today’s article How To Lose Weight By Running. hope you like the concept

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